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Dance Anthems (CD)


Dance Anthems (CD)

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Release Date: 11/01/13

DANCE ANTHEMS represents the hottest new tracks out of Europe and its 'all night long' dance cubs. The album is non-stop party with the latest from hipsters Voodoo & Serano, Vinylshakers, Todd Terry and more. The dance music scene continues to thrive around the world and for those who prefer Hi Fidelity Sound, the dance CD is still the best option. So, good for you for picking up this exciting album â€' heard in its original and best quality. <br><br>TRACK LISTING: <br>1. Dreamer - Armand Pena (remix)<br>2. featuring Carolina Lopez) Saxofono - Sean Finn (remix<br>3. featuring Daagard/Morane) Bonjero - Chunka (remix<br>4. 19palq - Backside Artists/Antoine Montana/Antone Montana (remix)<br>5. Bodytalk - Bodybangers (remix)<br>6. Krupa - Caba K. (remix)<br>7. featuring Kanya) Chicas Walk - Jorge Gonzales (remix<br>8. featuring Daagard/Morane) Let's Drink - Dith (remix<br>9. featuring Terry B.) Into the Night - Young Rebels (remix<br>10. Jumpin - Franky Miller (remix)<br>11. Runaway - Heatloverz (remix)<br>12. featuring Natasha) Let U Go - DJ Derezon (remix<br>13. Me Gusta - Big World (remix)<br>14. Solis Invicti [Radiomix] - Patrick Jumpin (remix)<br>15. Cinderella Stereo - Plastik Funk (remix)<br>16. Mexican Dog - Tube & Berger (remix)<br>17. Slave - Vinylshakers (remix)<br>18. You Get What You Give [Original Mix] - Serano/Voodoo & Serano/Voodoo (remix)<br>19. Something's Going On - Maboo/Todd Terry (remix)<br>20. featuring Deshayla) Push Me To the Limit - Mano/Manao (remix

Label: Water Music Records
Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch
Run Time: 78 mins

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