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David Broman - Star Fishing (CD)


David Broman - Star Fishing (CD)

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Release Date: 07/14/09

Beautiful instrumental piano compositions & peaceful melodies that swell with intensity.

This is the debut album from David Broman. David was classically trained on the piano from early childhood through college, and has continued playing and writing ever since. His compositions carry a style similar to what you might hear in cinematic scores, or from such artists as Yanni, Jim Brickman, or George Winston. While the New Age genre has a wide mixture of styles from the ambient and meditative to the structured and melodic, this album leans heavily toward the melodic. Musical themes build in complexity and emotion as the songs unfold. As an extra bonus, the album can be placed into any computer's CD-ROM drive to reveal enhanced features. Included are professional quality piano scores for three of the pieces. You will also find expressive MIDI files for all of the pieces. These MIDI files can be played in most electronic player pianos and computer sequencers, and contain the same emotional dynamics as the actual tracks on the CD.

Genre: New Age
Run Time: 45:55 mins

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