Devour The Unborn - Meconium Pestilent Abomination (CD)


$ 17.99


Slamming west Texas guttural brutality

Devour The Unborn's 2nd full length Album containing the most brutal TXDM style slamdowns mixed with brutalizing blast beats that are catered to shred your eardrums will keep you destroying the mosh pits with its guttural sickness.

Track Listing

    • Beg For Death
    • Machete To The Neck
    • Totempole Of Dismembered Bodies
    • Shrinkwrapped In Entrails
    • The Necrotic Resurrection
    • Meconium Pestilent Abomination
    • May They Be Disemboweled
    • Cesspool Of Stillborns

    Additional Details

    Label: Amputated Vein Records

    Genre: Metal

    Language: English

    Run Time: 34:20 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 05/05/15

    UPC: 888140000599

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