Dodsmaskin - Fullstendig Brent (CD)

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Field recordings, drones, atonal melodies and clusters of distortion and searing noise.

The physical debut for Norway's Dødsmaskin, Fullstendig Brent («completely burnt»; «holocaust») is a meticulously crafted effort that presents to the listener a sonic interpretation of one of the darkest chapters in Norwegian history, namely the witch trials that took place in the country's northernmost regions during the 17th century. Assembled constructs that incorporate field recordings, drones, atonal melodies and clusters of distortion and searing noise, Dødsmaskin transcends all genre classification, pushing boundaries while deftly navigating through a spectrum of post-industrial soundscapes. Tracks can and often start quietly and introspectively, then build to explosive climaxes of unbridled tension and razor sharp intensity, with dense pneumatic blasts intersecting with caustic frequencies and mechanized throb. It's that kind of unpredictability, attention to detail, and forward-thinking craftsmanship that'll have you thinking Kevin Drumm one minute, and or Propergol the next, and what makes Dødsmaskin such a vital new entry to the Malignant roster. Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri of Black Knoll Studio, N.Y

Bonus Materials

  • Limited 500 copies in textured digipak

Track Listing

    • BÃ¥ldom
    • Heksetimen
    • Christoffer Orning
    • De Ti - 1621
    • Dømt PÃ¥ Sitt Liv Til Ild Og BÃ¥l

    Additional Details

    Label: Malignant

    Genre: Ambient/Experimental

    Language: English

    Run Time: 41:37 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 07/07/17

    UPC: 648620827272

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