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Yet on her first album Sprinkled Eyes Dotschy Reinhardt broached the issue of the loss of identification of the german Sinti people in her song Sinto. Dotschy Reinhardt makes use of her prominent family name and her relation to the most important european jazz-musician of the 20th century Django Reinhardt to tell the world from her people. While recording her new CD she wrote a book with the title Gypsy” and tells her readers from the culture, language and the few ups and lots of downs that the Sinti people lived since there arrival in Germany almost 600 years ago. Dotschy Reinhardt calls herself proudly Sinteza, a member of the Sinti people and sings once again half of the songs on Suni” in her language Romanes. She wrote half of the songs herself, added new lyrics to classics like Djangology (Django Reinhardt) and Me hum Mato” (Schnuckenack Reinhardt) and interprets in her very own style classics like Days of Wine and Roses” (H. Mancini”, Last Tango in Paris” (Gato Barbieri/Dory Previn) and Pretty Butterfly” (Ciro Pereira, Mario Albanese) where she duets with her husband David Rose.

Track Listing

    • Suni
    • Days Of Wine And Roses
    • Raga Tschi
    • Djangology
    • Cowboys Never Cry
    • Jagga
    • Last Tango In Paris
    • Butterfly
    • Young Man At The Bar
    • Ziro
    • Lonely Shadows
    • Me Hum Mato

    Additional Details

    Label: Galileo MC

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 2.0201 mins

    Release Date: 11/07/08

    UPC: 4250095800306

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