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Early Girlies (DVD)


Early Girlies (DVD)

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Release Date: 10/16/07

EARLY GIRLIES is an incredible grouping of 30 original stripper shorts from the more innocent times of the 1950s. We have lovingly restored original 8mm & 16mm film prints of the finest glamour queens that ever lived! This collection to certain to delight! The lovely ladies presented on this DVD are Frances Lee, Marcia Jordon , Gloria Graham, Judy Rome, Danice Daniels, Susie Troy, Diane Weber, Bonnie Logan, Betty Bohann, Betty Bonahan, Mickey Jines, Jenine Williams, Joni James, Regina Lynne, Janet Clark, Carmen Estaban, Jane Wagner, Goldie Gibson,Nancy Drake, Frances Shay, Reni Scott, Sue Snow, Bambi Hamilton , Cindy Tyler, Pat Connelly, Fran Walker, Betty Rose, Shawn Daley, Shirley Quimby and Donna Porta.

Genre: Erotic
Run Time: 102 mins

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