Eivind Austad Trio - Moving (CD)

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Trio jazz for the inner blue note - Having played an important part in the Norway jazz sceneover the last 15 years, the EivindAustad Trio now enters the international stage with their debut album 'Moving'. It's the intrinsically American accent that distinguishes the Eivind Austad Trio from other ensembles of their generation. Eivind Austad is influenced by Gospel and R'n'B, his lyrical and narrative style reminds one of the likes of Keith Jarrett and Bill Evans. 'Moving' is full of soul and will surely hit the blue note in every true jazz fan.

Track Listing

    • Two Of Mine
    • Median
    • Homeland
    • In The End
    • Moving
    • The Moment Of Truth
    • All Of You
    • Life On Mars

    Additional Details

    Label: Ozella Music

    Genre: Jazz

    Release Date: 03/18/16

    UPC: 4038952000614

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