Fate Unburied - Logos (CD)

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Death Metal band many other influences, combining riffs that are driven and dynamic but also melodic and inspiring.

The Fate Unburied project came together from the groups need to find their own musical language. A language that goes beyond the patterns of modern metal. The band offer a style with its heart in Death Metal but surrounded by many other influences, combining riffs that are driven and dynamic but also melodic and inspiring. It's a highly effective combination of power and atmosphere which creates a distinctive and varied sound.

Fate Unburied's first album Logos, is the perfect example of this concept containing all the elements that propel the band. Starting with a Death Metal core, it goes through many tangents, creating a specific, strong and personal sound with a marked progressive influence. With their determination to explore and try new ideas, the band even inserted some passages with a Marimba to give a more exotic and mystical atmosphere. The lyrics follow the main theme from the Greek philosophical concept of the Logos. A universal law which rules everything through reason and need. On the albums songs, this is related to today's life, in order to analyze the human condition and the events that afflict it. An intellectual concept yes, but delivered by the band with panache!

The 10 track album (containing three instrumentals) was recorded and mixed at Death Lab Studios in Verona (IT) under the guidance of Mattia Nidini and Mattia 'Phil' Filippi, who provided the soaring soundscope with great passion and professionalism. The final mix was sent to Luca Gomedi of High Distortion Level Studio for the mastering, giving the project its definitive and final form. The cover was created by the talented Greek artist Gina Liberiou, who forms amazing abstract drawings by shaping colors on a glass surface. She made the artwork exclusively for Logos, something that reflects in an image the complexity of Fate Unburied's music.

Track Listing

    • It's late!
    • Dormancy within
    • Vertigo
    • Methrosy
    • Life abuse
    • Fate
    • Inner wisdom
    • Oppression_Resignation
    • Ultima
    • Unburied

    Additional Details

    Label: Sliptrick Records

    Genre: Alternative/Punk

    Language: English

    Run Time: 43:58 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 08/04/17

    UPC: 760137026525

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