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Formed in 2004 as a collaboration of two of NYC's top DJs, Rexx Arkana and Dräcos, FGFC820 menaces the global club scene with their harsh blend of heavy, bombastic beats and aggressively delivered political vitriol. Described by one reviewer as violently pro-military and vehemently anti-government, FGFC820 has been touring through their beloved United States since the 2006 release of their charged debut, Urban Audio Warfare, assembling a small army of patriotic and passionate loyalists.

Meanwhile in Europe, FGFC820 amassed numerous compilation appearances and led an audio attack upon the German DAC charts, exerting their grip for the maximum eight weeks and topping out at 2, behind only scene legends Skinny Puppy. So impactful was Urban Audio Warfare's amalgamation of searing synth lines, thumping kicks and relentless melodies on both critics and club goers alike that it was named as one of the Top 25 albums of 2007 by the DAC. We've been interpreted as everything from fascists to satirists, Arkana explains, but when people ask us what our politics are, we suggest that it's not as important what we think as it is that our listeners think for themselves. There seems to be less and less of that happening in today's culture.

FGFC820's urging on self-reliance and reasoning entails their very name itself. While at its inception the band name is an acronym, neither Arkana nor Dräcos have ever revealed its meaning, instead encouraging their fans to foster personal definitions and understandings.

The new album's message is less vague, at least in part. Much of the material on Law & Ordnance reveals an in-depth process of self and national examination and discovery in a world post-, but forever influenced by, 9/11. Songs like Democracy, Killing Fields and The Heart of America all search for meaning behind the attacks and explore the subject of a multi-lateral global response to the centuries old issue of terrorism. Other songs, such as Emotion and Not The World I Remember represent a more deep-seeded, internal strife.

Now, this Fall, the band returns with their sophomore release, Law & Ordnance (NoiTekk/COP International/Gravitator!), an angry and antagonistic onslaught of heavily armed club anthems, all replete with Arkana's insistence on personal and civil accountability. Expansive from start to finish, Law & Ordnance positions itself as both retaliatory and proactive, a literal call to arms aimed at all thinking persons everywhere, irrespective of nationality or ethnicity.

Track Listing

    • Hello, Baghdad
    • Democracy
    • Killing Fields
    • Resolution 6
    • Ich Bin Ein Ausländer
    • Vengeance
    • Momentum
    • Resolution
    • Emotion
    • Forsaken
    • Not The World I Remember
    • Resolution
    • Dream for Tomorrow
    • The Heart of America

    Additional Details

    Label: COP International

    Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

    Release Date: 01/27/09

    UPC: 703513011623

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