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Final Conflict - Another Moment In Time (DVD/CD)


Final Conflict - Another Moment In Time (DVD/CD)

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Release Date: 05/05/09

Ltd. edition of the first live DVD release of the British prog-rock band. Includes bonus CD.

Finally on DVD: founded in 1985, nominated by the Classic Rock Society in the best band, best CRS gig, best album, best drummer and best keyboard player of 2007 categories, the British prog-rock band Final Conflict live! Footage documenting a great concert at the Wyspiański Theater, featuring a selection of some of the best songs from the band's musical career. A wonderful vocal cooperation of Andy Lawton and Brian Donkin (the band's founders)! Great songs: lush, at times thoughtful, full of sadness and Angst - occasionally spiced up with a pinch of the theatrical - and at other times full of hope and overflowing energy. The DVD also features 2 interviews (one with Andy Lawton and Brian Donkin and one with Henry Rogers and Barry Elwood), Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and more! Limited DVD+CD edition, including a bonus audio CD with songs recorded during the gig at the theater.

Genre: Progressive Rock
Run Time: 165 mins

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