Gabor Gado - Modern Dances For The Advanced In Age (CD)


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Perhaps there is some social judgement in this musical memoir, but that is not important. I have to refer once more to Hrabal: he makes something holy from whatever moves him. The Hrabal smile, which transcends the minor things in life, is very close to me. (...) Like the Poles, we Hungarians are into self-flagellation, which is of course related to the way history has treated us.(...)

Gábor Gadó

Track Listing

    • Szeretném bejárni a földet
    • Modern dances for the advanced in age
    • Dam of eternity
    • Odalenn délen (South of the border)
    • Budapest, Budapest
    • The tenors' affair
    • Moon river

    Additional Details

    Label: BMC Records

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 44 mins

    Release Date: 09/20/04

    UPC: 5998309301117

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