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Grasstowne - Other Side Of Towne, The (CD)


Grasstowne - Other Side Of Towne, The (CD)

$ 13.99

Release Date: 10/20/09


Although Grasstowne has more instrumental firepower than most bands, it's their lead vocals and harmonies that move to the forefront on The Other Side of Towne. On slow ballads such as 'God Bless Mommy' their heartfelt singing carries tunes beyond pathos. Also their arrangements are carefully crafted to maximize each song's emotional impact. They don't just rare back and go hell-bent for leather on every tune like Audie Blaylock or Michael Cleveland's bands. Instead Grasstowne sculpts the pace and energy of even their fast tunes so that you feel like they always have a tiny bit left in their tanks for a final burst of energy.

Label: Pinecastle Records
Genre: Folk

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