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Grusin And Sharpe - Trans Atlantica & Geography (CD)


Grusin And Sharpe - Trans Atlantica & Geography (CD)

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Release Date: 10/09/12

'Trans Atlantica' from Jazz legend Don Grusin and Shakatak supremo Bill Sharpe

Jazz legend Don Grusin's musical collaboration with Bill Sharpe of Shakatak! Entitled Trans Atlántica, the CD is a musical travelogue - a collection of tracks produced and energized by two years of visiting one another's studios from LA to London to Boulder, sending ideas and files back and forth over the Internet. Trans Atlantica features top players and singers including violinist Charlie Bisharat, flautist Elvis du Chez, singer Ashley Maher, and saxophonist Derek Nash. The CD was mastered by multiple Grammy-winner an old friend and our life-guru Roger Nichols (Steely Dan).

Genre: Jazz
Run Time: 120 mins

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