Harringtones - This Is The New Age (CD)


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Feat. former members of Smodati and Asociale along with UK legend Steve Cradock (Specials, Paul Weller). Art by F. Musa

Harringtones were born in December 2014 in Milan by free spirit of musicians Ivan Oliva and Morris Gun: Ivan played in the middle 80s and in the 90s in many rapresentative bands of The Milan underground 60s and indie scene. Gun started playing the Bass in the beginning of The century in the Dusk (post punk band); He was inspired by the new wave Dark brit scene and by the madchester sound of The beginning of brit 90s. Gun, on february 2015 decided to introduce in the band Otto Raw that influenced Harringtones sound with his 60s psichedelick guitar background and his soul inspirations. Raw played and recorded with Smodati two singles and one album; He toured and performed with The band opening act to important brit mod revival legends like Purple Hearts, Lambrettas and Long Tall Shorty. In 2010 Raw recorded the Collection 1990-2010 WithThe punk band Asociale and He toured in America, Mexico and Germany. In 2015 the band introduced Freddy Rim, a professional young musician (He is studying at Conservatorio Musicale - Lake Como - Italy). Freddy plays in the band keyboards. The drummer of The band is Mr. Ghido and excentric guy with a personal 60s Style. The band recorded in 2015 the first EP ' This is the New Age' with The collaboration of The british legend Steve Cradock: Cradock played inthe ep guitars, piano and autoharp. The cover art work was designed by Fabrizio Musa, one of The Most popoular artist in the
contemporary Us and European Art scene.

Track Listing

    • All over
    • Morning rain
    • This is the New Age
    • My life today
    • My Generation blues
    • Monday

    Additional Details

    Label: Sliptrick Records

    Genre: Alternative/Punk

    Language: English

    Run Time: 23:45 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 10/07/16

    UPC: 760137895923

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