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Hip Hop Time Capsule: 1993 (DVD)


Hip Hop Time Capsule: 1993 (DVD)

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Release Date: 01/23/07

Videos, performances, interviews and freestyles from 1993 Dr. Dre, 2 Pac, LL Cool J and more.

The early 90s was a great period in the history of Hip Hop. The vibe was upbeat, yet hardcore, as groups were becoming more innovative and incorporating multiple elements of modern music to form beats completely original and unmatched. The lyrical styles remained street savy and eloquent, but harsher new styles such as those of Redman and ONYX emerged. Old school hereos like Dr. Dre and Kool G Rap also commanded much respect. This DVD takes a look back at the videos, interviews, performances, and freestyles of 1993, and features over 20 artists including Dr Dre, Da Youngsta, Naughty By Nature, Boss, Onyx, Paris, Kool G, 2 Pac, LL Cool J and more.

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Run Time: 60 mins

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