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History - Ghosts In The City (CD)


History - Ghosts In The City (CD)

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Release Date: 07/14/09

History: a new breed of progressive indie rock band that pushes the boundaries of modern rock by adding Moog & keyboards

Absolutely unafraid to be big, loud and a little complicated, History was created out of dissatisfaction of their musical directions of the past, and wanting to create a harder, more progressive sound that challenges their abilities and your attentiveness. Featuring members of My Hotel Year, Sound the Alarm and New Roman Times, they love to make people clap during breaks in a song before it's over, and more so, the crowd reaction when they realize it isn't. History have taken influences from artists as varied as Yes and Rush to Helmet, Hum, Quicksand, Modest Mouse, At the Drive-In and even a little Black Sabbath. Heck, they even have a flautist and two keyboard players, but they don't sing about faeries or make synth-pop dance music. Just pure inspired technical math pop rock. Yeah! FOR FANS OF: Helmet, At the Drive-In, Modest Mouse, Jawbox, Black Sabbath

Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 40:52 mins

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