Hocculta - Back In The Dark (digipack) (CD)

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Second album of this great Italian 80s heavy metal band, originally released in 1988.

Hocculta's 2nd full length is quite strong Euro-metal with typical Italian gruffness and flare to it. Some quality speedy numbers like 'Beware the Dark' work well alongside slow dominators 'Haze Inside' and 'Supreme Sacrifice'. A couple of slightly weaker numbers like 'Lonely Knights' aren't really even bad at all, and feature a decent enough display of guitar work, as well as pretty cool lyrics. So all-round, this thing is fairly solid - the bands style varies too, which is quite cool. This is not an amateuresque offering and shouldn't disappoint fans of the debut.

Track Listing

    • Back in the dark
    • Angel of death
    • Tempter
    • Dirty Illusion
    • Along the river of memories
    • Haze inside
    • Lonely knights
    • Supreme sacrifice
    • Shake now

    Additional Details

    Label: Metalmaster

    Genre: Metal

    Language: English

    Run Time: 40 mins

    Release Date: 06/12/09

    UPC: 8016108010041

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