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I Wanna Be A Beauty Queen (DVD)


I Wanna Be A Beauty Queen (DVD)

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Release Date: 06/03/08

Brace yourself for the campiest beauty pageant to ever grace a runway! The fur flies and the glitter abounds as the stars arrive for the event of the social season. The bustling tent is steeped with contestants of all shapes, sizes and sexes competing for the coveted title and outfitted in garments as outrageous as their names, such as Miss Carriage, Miss Handled and Miss Winscale Nuclear Reactor! The not-soon-to-be-trend-setting apparel ranges from there to almost bare! Adorned in leopard skin and as siply scrumptious as ever is the master of affairs for the evening, DIVINE! Also appearing is the ever-bubbly and charming LITTLE NELL who shares her bountiful glamour skills. I WANNA BE A BEAUTY QUEEN is certain to redefine your interpretation of the term 'Super Model!'

Genre: Cult
Run Time: 81 mins

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