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Contains CURRENTLY AVAILABLE PROGRAMS 'Iron Maiden - The Legacy Of The Beast' and 'Iron Maiden And The New Wave of British Heavy Metal.'

This DVD Collector's Box consists of two programs: 'Iron Maiden - The Legacy Of The Beast' and 'Iron Maiden And The New Wave of British Heavy Metal'. These are two different documentary films on Iron Maiden, the first of which gives a general overview of the band from their dawn as a struggling pub act out of London's East End, to their position today as global rock giants. The second film looks at their role in spearheading and developing what came to be known as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, a movement that moved Metal music into the modern age and without which many of today's biggest rock attractions simply would not exist. Both films include rare footage, exclusive interviews with Maiden members and those who know them best, contributions from the finest Rock journalists and broadcasters, news clips, location shoots and a host of other features.

Bonus Materials

  • extended interviews
  • interactive Maiden challenge
  • contributor biographies
  • and more

Additional Details

Label: Chrome Dreams

Genre: Metal

Run Time: 120 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 08/11/09

UPC: 823564518091

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