J-men Forever (DVD)

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J Men is the story of The Secret World War, a war of cultures as Rock & Roll smashes Shmaltzy music. This outrageous comedy was created by Firesign Theatre's Philip Proctor and Peter Bergman in the style of Woody Allen's 'What's Up Tiger Lilly'' From a goldmine of Republic Cliffhanger Serials, J Men was overdubbed with new voices and script to a Classic Rock Soundtrack. For more than 20 years, J Men has been only rarely available and mostly on pure quality bootlegged videos. This digitally re-mastered version is authorized by Proctor and Bergman, with special hilarious bonus interviews on the making of the film.


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Additional Details

Label: Eclectic

Genre: Comedy

Run Time: 75 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 11/19/02

UPC: 022891102496

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