Jens Fossum - Bass Detector (LP)


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100% Fossum, 100% diversity - For his first solo album, Jens Fossum wantedto make everything sound exactly the way he wanted. So what do you get with 100% Fossum' 100% diversity, mainly. Already on previous group albums, Fossum displayed his talents on a wide range of instruments, including the Chinese er-hu and pipa next to cello, mandolin and guitar. Although all of them are again making an appearance here, theyare integrated into a larger, overarchingconcept: Despite its title, which might suggest something more puristic, Bass Detectorexplores the synergies between different string instruments in the context of contrasting musical cultures - from West to East, from Europe to Latin America and from Africa to India. Bass Detector is all about essence, risk, breaks with routine and complete freedom. The album sees Fossum handling a variety of different basses - double bass, electric bass, piccolo bass as well as piccolino bass with a built in midi system - and challenging himself with finding an organic connection between acoustic- and electronic interfaces. Musically, it encompasses a wide range of styles, from pumping funk rhythms and soulful horn sections to dense ensemble parts and cool licks, running the full gamut of his influences and passions. In the end, however, none of this could work without the exchange between his many collaborators. It might be a solo album in name - but you could never get the full 100% from Fossum without the right team to support him.

Additional Details

Label: Ozella Music

Genre: Jazz

Release Date: 02/13/15

UPC: 4038952010576

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