Karl Seglem - Norskjazz.no (CD)


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With norsk jazz no, his 25th longplayer, Karl Seglem, together with the Eple Trio, presents us with an extraordinary jazz album in a class all its own. The serene, yet suspenseful music in the tradition of the great Scandinavian jazz musicians emanates dreamy warmth on this production. The soundscapes painted by the acoustic quartet on the CD resemble a Rembrandt that glows in light-flooded hues of brown. Karl Seglem: 'I felt the time was ripe. Ever since I started my career as a musician in 1985, I have been inspired by the dream of recording an acoustic album with a classic jazz quartet

Track Listing

    • Portugalsong (Meu Amigo Está Longe)
    • Nattsong
    • Ã...ret Hallar
    • Song For To
    • Stengde Dører
    • Lull
    • Sein Song

    Additional Details

    Label: Ozella Music

    Genre: Jazz

    Release Date: 07/03/09

    UPC: 4038952000256

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