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Kevin K - Tramp Stamp (CD)


Kevin K - Tramp Stamp (CD)

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Release Date: 09/11/12

Kevin K's new CD 'Tramp Stamp'-the Mark of Authenticity! Lucky 21st release in the Kevin K pop punk canon!

Kevin K deals the deck and draws a lucky 21, as in his 21st release 'Tramp Stamp!' Influenced on this platter by Probot, Motorhead, Iggy and Black Sabbath, Kevin K. peers down the dark end of the street with heartfelt reflections of a hard liver! 'Tramp Stamp' features dearly departed brother and Road Vulture Alan K's last demo 'Nowhere Safe,' fleshed out with brotherly love. In addition, you get the usual array of Kevin K, a driving sound machine of loud guitars and infectious pop. Not to mention the trademark songwriting prowess that keeps Kevin at the top of the power punk rock heap!

Label: Circumstantial Recor
Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 32:54 mins

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