Kevorkian Death Cycle - God Am I (CD)


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Kevorkian Death Cycle, founded by Ryan Gribbin and Roger Jarvis, have completed three North American tours with bands such as Front Line Assembly, Front 242, and Project Pitchfork. The group has released albums released on RasDVA and Metropolis Records.


1. Star Chaser

2. Mind Decay

3. Children of Chaos

4. It s a Sin

5. Destroyer of Worlds

6. Shadow

7. God Am I

8. Blood of Faust

9. Tangled Souls

10. Light Fields

11. Mind Decay (Radio Edit)

12. Shadow (Remixed by HexRx)

13. Mind Decay (Remixed by Fractured Transmission)

Track Listing

    • Star Chaser
    • Mind Decay
    • Children of Chaos
    • Its A Sin
    • Destroyer of Worlds
    • God Am I
    • Shadow
    • Blood of Faust
    • Tangled Souls
    • Light Fields
    • Shadow (Remixed by Hex Rx)
    • Mind Decay (Remixed by Fractured Transmission)

    Additional Details


    Genre: Metal

    Run Time: 45 mins

    Release Date: 02/17/14

    UPC: 845121061918

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