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Klutae - Electro Punks Unite (CD)


Klutae - Electro Punks Unite (CD)

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Release Date: 07/12/11

Electro Punks Unite delivers 17 tracks of amped up adrenaline fuelled EBM from mastermind Claus Larsen.

Klutæ returns with the in your face, amped up adrenaline fuelled, Electro Punks Unite. The bastard alter ego of Claus Larsen, Klutæ mixes walls of synthesized guitar noise, with the trademarked EBM bass-lines of Leæther Strip and Claus' chameleon vocals. Electro Punks Unite stays true to form with the title track, Electro Punks Unite, Fuck You and Slippery When Dead all guaranteed to pack club floors across the globe. Klutæ is one of the true pioneers of the aggro-electro movement and with the release of Electro Punks Unite; Claus continues to push the envelope and take this project to new heights.

Label: Wtii Records
Genre: Industrial
Run Time: 79 mins

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