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Double documentary DVD package features the DVD 'Kornology' plus a brand new film. Both include previously unseen footage and rare performances.

They all but pioneered, dominated and led the mid-1990s Nu-Metal scene through its duration, and it was them who ushered the genre into the mainstream via the enormous crossover success of their 1998 record, Follow the Leader. But unlike the majority of their contemporaries from the time, Korn have moved on from that now somewhat passé form to remain one of America's premier league rock bands and a vital force in the ongoing development of Metal The Korn DVD Box Set is a 2 disc collection which celebrates the huge commercial and critical success of Korn for well over 15 years. Featuring 2 separate, full length documentary films on the band, the first telling their story chronologically with the aid of rare footage, exclusive interviews and contributions form their closest confidantes, the second film concentrates on the fans, Korn's place in the Nu- Metal scene, the story of how that scene unfolded and the band's music and performances throughout their working life. All told this limited edition set will prove a delight for Korn fans everywhere as it documents this perennial act's music, career and life through a quite extraordinary journey.

Bonus Materials

  • Each disc contains a wealth of extras for fans and newcomers alike

Additional Details

Label: Chrome Dreams

Genre: Metal

Run Time: 150 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/28/09

UPC: 823564518190

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