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Larry Stephenson - On Fire (CD)


Larry Stephenson - On Fire (CD)

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Release Date: 04/07/98


My early influences were The Osborne Brothers and The Country Gentlemen. I knew I wanted to follow the sound as much as possible, yet create my own identity. This album is the culmination fo experimenting with different music styles, instruments and vocal arrangements, trying to find the correct combination that could produce the sound I carried around in my head, 'The Sound That Set My Soul on Fire.' I first heard it when I was ten, thanks to a friend who had bought a new Osborne Brothers record featureing Rocky Top. The drive... the vocals... I'd never heard anything that affected me quite like that, before, or since... until this album. This is the sound I had been trying so hard to find. - Larry Stephenson

Label: Pinecastle Records
Genre: Folk

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