Lenny Bruce - Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Mind (CD)

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The biography of Lenny Bruce, read by Robin Clifford. Features stand up material by Lenny Bruce himself

Remembered chiefly as the most daring comic of his time, holding up society's weaknesses for all to see, Lenny Bruce was compelled to tell the truth, no matter how unappealing that proved. Revealed on this CD, in his own words and those of the ones who knew him best, is a candid image of a man whose determination has allowed us many freedoms we often take for granted. Completed in luxury fold-out digipak, this collection represents the first time much of this material has been heard. Featuring CD and 16-page information directory, containing biographical data, plus many previously unpublished and rarely seen photographs, this title will appeal to all those with a penchant for the dark but illuminating side of life.

Additional Details

Label: Enlightenment

Genre: Stand Up Comedy

Language: English

Run Time: 70 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 08/04/17

UPC: 5037320900722

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