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Lo Moda - Gospel Store Front (CD)


Lo Moda - Gospel Store Front (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

Creative Capitalism announces Gospel Store Front, the debut CD release from newly formed avant-pop innovators LO MOdA, available in a beautifully designed custom packaged booklet. The band's left-of-center line-up includes members from Candy Machine (Skene, East West, Desoto/Dischord), INK (Monitor), Fascist Fascist (Reptillian), Thank You, and The Uniform (Morphius). The band's instrumentation is constructed through guitars, a minimal stand-up drum kit, keyboards, viola, and vocals, the sum total of which is a physically and emotionally moving collection of songs. LO MOdA has been described as 'minimally devised hooks and tensions brought up on agit-prop and Motown'. Gospel Store Front is a poetic manifesto of love songs and defiant resistance. It will sear your heart and leave you wanting more.

Genre: Alternative/Punk

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