Mark Lemhouse - Big Lonesome Radio (CD)

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Mark Lemhouse's debut release delivers string-strangling, gut-rocking blues ecstasy. Lemhouse reaches into a wicked toolbox - containing resonator chainsaw, electric tube-amp machete, and bottleneck auger - to uproot blues tradition with a vandal's glee. Recorded to analog tape with vintage mics at Easley/McCain Studios in Memphis, Big Lonesome Radio has a gritty feel that's more akin to a Howlin' Wolf or Jimmy Reed than a young man playing the blues in the 21st century has a right to sound. Melding together influences from Delta blues, Piedmont rag-style forms, and North Mississippi trance blues, Lemhouse's notes come across like crackling radio transmissions from a time gone by.

Track Listing

    • You Can't Get That Stuff No More
    • What's the Matter with Papa's Little Angel Child
    • Baby Sister Blues
    • Jealous Moon
    • Tappin' That Thing
    • Electra 225
    • Edwin's Lament
    • No One Can Forgive Me But My Baby
    • Mercy Mia
    • Pony Blues
    • One Hand Loose
    • Driftin'

    Additional Details

    Label: Yellow Dog Records

    Genre: Blues

    Release Date: 07/07/06

    UPC: 823800103821

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