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Middle Line Ambient Lazergraphics (DVD)


Middle Line Ambient Lazergraphics (DVD)

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Release Date: 07/26/11

Modern folk NEED their senses stimulating. All of them.

When you put on a record or CD, switch on the TV, turn the sound down and you've got a visual stimulus in the background. But its usually too distracting. AMBIENT videos are the answer. They allow you to relax, listen to your favorite music without staring at the furniture. MIDDLE LINE AMBIENT: The original Jettisoundz ambient. A collage, cut up of an amazing collection of images by Karen Bentham. Taken from the whole video collection. LAZERGRAPHICS: Constantly moving, hypnotic laser imagery. Ideal for parties, discos or just chilling out with to your favorite tunes.

Genre: Educational
Run Time: 116 mins

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