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Midtown Dickens - Lanterns (VINYL ALBUM)


Midtown Dickens - Lanterns (VINYL ALBUM)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

If you've ever impulsively left in the middle of the night to drive north and spent the way up the coast answering all of your life's questions by means of scanning the radio dials, you might have a taste for how Midtown Dickens began their ongoing tour. Only in addition to the radio dials, they use a well-thumbed version of Charles Dickens Hard Times to answer the more essential questions, such as which way they should go. Kym, Catherine and Michelle, the anti-folk denizens behind Midtown Dickens, carry their front-porch-music habits with them on their backs. Kym and Catherine began their musical career on the parking decks, roofs, and streets of Durham and Chapel Hill. They soon left their hometown to venture across the country and picked up plenty of orphaned instruments on the way, unbiased to their quirkiness or condition.

Label: 307 RECORDS
Genre: Alternative/Punk

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