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Museum - Traces Of (CD)


Museum - Traces Of (CD)

$ 14.99

Release Date: 09/11/12

Highly anticipated first album from the genre breaking German band museum

museum prefer to keep it spartan. Black and white, clear-cut forms and precious little information. 'museum are a band from Berlin,' is what they write on their internet site, nothing more. Their music however is anything but spartan. A unique mix of minimal electro and emotive indie rock that is often extravagant, complex, dazzling and, above all, really loud. After two years of hard work, museum have now finished their first album 'traces of.' Eleven songs with a boldness for exuberance rarely seen in Germany. And a one-off blend of stadium atmosphere, awesome melodies and artistic electronic sound.

Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 45 mins

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