Nadia Santini - Inventing Cuisine (DVD)

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Part of the outstanding video series dedicated to today’s greatest chefs. Made in France; subtitled in English.

After filming portraits of French chefs ˆall menˆ Paul Lacoste turns his lens to a woman, Nadia Santini. Here, as always, Nadia has her entire family by her side: her mother-in-law, her husband, her two sons, and her daughter-in-law. This is cuisine Italian-style!This film speaks about tradition, heritage, and history, but the focus is squarely on the culinary art of Nadia Santini. Although Nadia‚s cuisine is often hidden behind the traditions that she is constantly reviving, her absolute sincerity reveals an unassuming pride in her work. From her viewpoint at Dal Pescatore in the northern Italian town of Canetto sull‚Oglio, Nadia observes the world around her. In her hands, these traditions, described as 'knowledge' by her mother-in-law Nonna Bruna, are translated into a vision of modernity, offering a different approach to inventing cuisine.

Additional Details

Label: La Huit

Genre: Instructional

Run Time: 62 mins

Release Date: 07/12/11

UPC: 3760123561761

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