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Neo - Broadcast (DVD)


Neo - Broadcast (DVD)

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Release Date: 06/05/07

Spectacular performance by the supergroup filmed at the Wyspianski Theater in Katowice, Poland + bonus features.

This spectacular DVD features a performance by the supergroup NEO filmed at the Wyspianski Theater in Katowice, Poland. Formed by such prog-rock veterans as Mark Westwood (the Martin Orford Band), Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon, Shadowland), John Jowitt (IQ, Jadis) and Andy Edwards (IQ), NEO delights the neo progressive crowd with a repertoire of songs from Shadowland, Arena, IQ, Pallas, and Pendragon. As Clive Nolan comments, NEO's main aim was to try and brake some new frontiers. The gig featured a guest appearance of two other eminent prog-rock figures: Pendragon's vocalist/guitarist Nick Barrett and Pallas' vocalist Alan Reed.

Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 140 mins

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