Ninetail - Half Truths and Hand Grenades (CD)

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The video-enhanced sophomore CD, finally released from the east coast-based, metal touring machine.

Pennsylvania's NINETAIL puts on a literal blood sport in music with the savagely hypnotic, new studio album entitled 'Half Truths & Hand Grenades.' This fourteen song collection includes 2 live videos, bios, and special web access links in this Enhanced CD version. Vocalist J William Heitmann sounds like a pissed off serial killer, jacked up on enough testosterone to lead any Metal army into battle. Ninetail spent 2008 in the studio recording between performing over 100 live shows in 35 states. Capturing its ultra-violent, high-energy live performance onto CD, Ninetail has built a fanatically loyal fan base across the US, especially the North East region. Crushingly brutal new brand of heavy metal, with its down-tuned, jackhammer guitar riffs, growling, vocals and atmospheric, industrial-esque keyboard/sample work. 'As if a two thousand pound bull has been let loose in a china shop' claims Metal Den. The band will on tour to support this epic release all year!


Track Listing

    • Karma
    • Half Truths & Hand Grenades
    • Seasoned Scheme
    • The Decider
    • My Belief
    • Parabellum
    • God Willing
    • Bull Ring
    • Trials of a Madman
    • Forgive Me
    • Superpsycho
    • Cradled Lunacy
    • Westboro
    • So Be It
    • Trials of a Madman (video)
    • Half Truths & Hand Grenades (video)

    Additional Details

    Label: Drp Records

    Genre: Metal

    Run Time: 48 mins

    Release Date: 07/14/09

    UPC: 801927518223

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