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Ninja Double Feature: Ninja Dragon/the Ninja Squad (DVD)


Ninja Double Feature: Ninja Dragon/the Ninja Squad (DVD)

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Release Date: 12/16/08

Two Full Length Martial Arts Films On One DVD!

NINJA DRAGON Set in Great Shanghai. The Furious Fox and the Black Eagle, two rival gangs, are fighting to establish domination in the territory. Only one man can stop the mayhem on the Great Shanghai streets...the Ninja Dragon. THE NINJA SQUAD Ninjas are silent assassins from Japan, often hard to spot or stop. They sneak around in the dark, unseen by the human eye. But in this Godfrey Ho movie you can spot them with their purple and red jumpsuits and brightly colored headbands. In the Ninja Squad, the Ninja Empire is at stake from a power-hungry Ninja. A young disciple reveals his fighting ability as he takes on Ivan the Red...

Genre: Martial Arts
Run Time: 174 mins

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