Ossatura With Tim Hodgkinson - Dentro (CD)


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Improvising Italian trio are joined by Heney Cow multi-instrumentalist, Tim Hodgkinson

Elio Martusciello (gtrs/samplers/pre-recorded materials), Maurizio Martusciello (electro-acoustic objects), Fabrizio Spera (drums/amplified objects/strings/tapes/ radio/electronics), Luca Venitucci (piano/synthesizer/drum machine/objects), Tim Hodgkinson. Improvisation represents the backbone of the music played by Italian group OSSATURA. Their music is marked by a sequence of sound blocks and diversified interlocking timbres and shapes, where detailed textural work alternates with rhythmic accellerations and highly dense sound events. Standard instrumental techniques are explored, together with heterodox practices such as manipulation, treatment, electrification and amplification of various objects, assuming noise as a structural element. OSSATURA naturally tends towards a combination of non-musical languages through a creative process where music is but one of the components in a complex and extended project. For Dentro, their first CD on ReR/Recommended, OSSATURA are joined by former Henry Cow man TIM HODGKINSON to produce an electro-acoustic collaboration that drummer Chris Cutler described as being: 'Somewhere between musique-concrete and a kind of abstract improvisational work, using extended techniques and electrification that disconnects soundfrom any recognisable source. A fascinating first record that sits betweenstudio improvisation and extensive post production processing composition.'

Additional Details

Label: Rer Megacorp

Genre: Progressive Rock

Run Time: 60 mins

Release Date: 12/03/13

UPC: 752725008921

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