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Paroni Paakkunainen - Plastic Maailma (VINYL ALBUM)


Paroni Paakkunainen - Plastic Maailma (VINYL ALBUM)

$ 36.00

Release Date: 08/12/14

Official Reissue of rare Finnish Progressive Masterpiece from 1971. LIMITED EDITION

Paroni Paakkunainen gathered a group of guest musicians together in 1971 and recorded this excellent and rare progressive album, using a various amount of styles and influences, ranging from Folk-derivated music to Jethro Tull-affected rock. But Paakkunainen's Jazz-roots are always shining through and the musicianship of all participants is beyond any doubt. Official Reissue comes with insert.

Label: Mayfair Music
Genre: Psychedelic
Language: English
Run Time: 39 mins

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