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Picasso Trigger - Fire In The Hole (CD)


Picasso Trigger - Fire In The Hole (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

Fire in the Hole album for sale by Picasso Trigger was released Nov 14, 2006 on the Alias label. On all of Picasso Trigger's releases, their balls-out approach to thrashy, riot grrrl inspired rock is both stunning and effective; Fire in the Hole!, however, hints at the band's more angular punk influences and frequently leans toward trashy Southern rock, a move which doesn't always suit the group. But even if these riff-rock tendencies put Fire in the Hole! a small step between the band's other releases, it's a forceful and solid record -- Kathy Poindexter and the band's aggressive, no-nonsense approach to music making is bound to wow listeners even in its less-inspired moments.

Label: ALIAS
Genre: Alternative/Punk

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