Professor Louie & The Crowmatix - Music From Hurley Mountain (CD)

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Music From Hurley Mountain - A musical short story that brings listeners along on a day spent by Hurley Mountain

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix have been creating fine music at 'The Rock 'n' Roll Barn' for the past three decades, ever since they first served as backup musicians for The Band.

Music from Hurley Mountain, their 12th CD, is inspired by the beautiful farmlands next to their recording studio in the Catskill Mountains. It's a spirited collection of 11 originals and three select tunes (including Jimmy Reed's 'You Got Me Dizzy'), a musical short story that brings listeners along on a day spent by Hurley Mountain. Professor Louie's accordion captures a tranquil 'Golden Morning' sunrise over the Hurley fields and ends the CD with 'Goodnight Hurley Moon.' Along the way, it's a day in the life of a close-knit agricultural community where folks are bonded by daily events, hard work, history, family and simple pleasures.

This mix of originals, traditional tunes, heartfelt vocals, blistering guitar riffs, solid backbeats, bluesy passion, romantic ballads, and Celtic, Gospel and work song influences conveys the timeless beauty of rural life in these United States. The Crowmatix bring fans inside the musical heritage that has shaped their sound and made them one of the Hudson Valley's most beloved bands.

The Crowmatix are: Professor Louie (vocals, accordion, piano, Hammond organ, keyboards); Miss Marie (vocals, percussion, piano); Gary Burke (drums, percussion); Frank Campbell (bass, vocals); John Platania (electric/acoustic guitars): Josh Colow (lead guitar) and special guest Larry Packer (violin)


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Bonus Materials

  • Featuring Professor Louie from The Band, John Platania from Van Morrison, Gary Burke from Bob Dylan, Frank Campbell form Levon Helm, Miss marie from Rick Danko

Track Listing

    • Golden Morning
    • Hurley Mountain Road
    • Ulster Outcry
    • Ashton
    • Family Reunion
    • Crop Dustin' Blues
    • You Got Me Dizzy
    • John's Tractor
    • Four Farmers
    • Light In Your Eyes
    • Rock 'n' Roll Barn
    • Let's Go Home
    • Angel Band
    • Good Night Hurley Moon

    Additional Details

    Label: Woodstock

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Language: English

    Run Time: 41:58 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 01/15/16

    UPC: 687241005621

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