Pueblo Sin Suerte (DVD)

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In this small town, exiled to the frayed edge of the map, we find that our locals and transients are bitter, hard up and shit out of luck...But a dose of double murder might end a long losing streak for the once-disgraced County Sheriff, Ross Sullivan.A crime this horrible could put a bit of polish on his tarnished career, yield some front page headlines, and give those fancy State Boys the what for...If only he can keep his pecker in his pants and not get tangled up in the dark web that he weaves, before hi plays his final hand. Featuring songs and music by Nick Lowe and an award winning short film set to a tune by Patsy Montana. Starring Webb Wilder and Astrid Hadad.

Additional Details

Label: Eclectic

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 75 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 03/29/05

UPC: 806310008428

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