Randy Klein - Invitation In (CD)

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Award winning pianist/composer Randy Klein's Invitation In, is a beautiful and intimate musical experience. Each of these piano solos is an improvisation, a musical snapshot. Randy Klein was simply the medium from where the notes emerge. Ever since he could remember, he had the ability to play the piano and immediately create complete musical pieces. It is a very special gift. It is one of his great joys; to share these fleeting musical moments with you. 

Track Listing

    • Invitation In
    • Danish Dreams
    • Dee Dee Dee
    • Oh Where'
    • Tell Me Your Dreams
    • Lament For Yale
    • Gracious Grape
    • Guava Guava
    • My My
    • Warm Cheese
    • For My Love

    Additional Details

    Label: Jazzheads

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 40 mins

    Release Date: 10/13/15

    UPC: 809819114621

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