Randy McAllister - Crappy Food, No Sleep, A Van...and Some Great Song (CD)

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A Slice of Life…And Then Some

One listen to this set will demonstrate Texas-born Randy's most important talent - amazing songs with lyrics that reflect a unique view of the world - a true artist's astute observation of the people and situations around him. And if the subjects remain money (lack of) and sex, then just listen to the original twists and freshness which Randy brings to age-old situations. And constantly, one remains convinced that he draws from experience. But if he couldn't string a sentence together and had no tunes Randy would still very much get by - he's a terrific harmonica player and singer who has a blasting live show.JOHN STEDMAN

Additional Details

Label: JSP Records

Genre: Blues

Release Date: 08/27/13

UPC: 788065884925

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