Rebekah Victoria - Songs Of The Decades (CD)

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Vocalist Rebekah Victoria's sophomore release celebrates timeless music that is emblematic of the 20th century spirit

Tin Pan Alley is the name given to the group of New York City music publishers and composers who became the dominant force in American popular song in the late 19th century. The narratives of their songs spoke to heartbreak, love, and hope. These tunesmiths composed bittersweet memorable refrains, poetic turns of a phrase, and unforgettable melodies that resonated with life experiences still felt today. The ascent of Tin Pan Alley was amplified by the rapid movement of life in the 20th century. It arose from the collective experiences of immigrants and former slaves in the United States. Coinciding with the advent of technological advances the music spread worldwide. As the style gained prominence, it became a world-wide phenomenon. The composers of the Great American Songbook have graced us with endearing compositions whose messages still delight, enchant, and endure worldwide. The beauty of any popular song is that it can be re-imagined and easily fit into different styles while retaining its vitality. We can now see the merging of the blues, gospel, and ragtime with the music of vaudeville and Broadway theatre. Rhythm and blues begat soul and funk which in turn influenced an entire generation of English rock bands, singer/songwriters, and Motown to modern pop.

Songs of the Decades chronicles a portion of the centurial evolution of the music, its composers and the iconic artists who entertained and inspired from the Antebellum generation to the present day. The greatest honor for any songwriter is to have their songs recorded by a diverse group of artists. The songs we chose have been covered by a wide range of eclectic artists such as Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Miley Cyrus, Sophie Tucker, Cab Calloway, Weezer, Bobby Darin, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Chet Atkins, Joni Mitchell, and Isaac Hayes to name a few of the many.

Songs of the Decades celebrates this timeless music that is emblematic of the 20th century spirit.

Track Listing

    • Some of These Days (1909)
    • Whispering (1920)/Groovin' High (1945)
    • After You've Gone (1918)
    • Twisted (1952)
    • Un-break My Heart (1996)
    • These Boots Are Made for Walking (1966)
    • It's Too Late (1971)
    • The Song is You (1932)
    • Opus One (1943)/Undecided (1938)
    • I Hope I Never (1980)

    Additional Details

    Label: Patois

    Genre: Jazz

    Language: English

    Run Time: 52:10 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 06/21/19

    UPC: 666449039294

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