Remix Parade (CD)

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A non-stop mix of today's biggest European dance hits and new dance cover versions of classic pop hits! Includes the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit 'Heaven' by DJ Sammy, along with the smash hits 'Like A Virgin' by Mad'house, Aquagen's 'Hard To Say I'm Sorry,' 'Because I Love You' by Digital Rockers, 'God Is A Girl' by Groove Coverage, 'Billie Jean' by Sound Blunz, plus hits by DJ Miko, Gitta vs. Rozalla, Buff-y and many more. Remix Parade is an energetic hit-packed collection complete with an eye-catching 'cartoon' DJ on the cover!

Track Listing

    • The Sound Blunz ' Billie Jean
    • Buff-y ' Gypsy Woman
    • Madhouse ' Like A Virgin
    • Digital Rockers ' Because I Love You
    • Nausica ' Celtica Medley with Scarborough Fair
    • Beat Box ' What A Wonderful World
    • Gitta vs. Rozalla ' Everybody's Turning Back
    • U-Traxx ' The Power Of Love
    • DJ Sammy ' Heaven
    • DJ Octopus ' Love Is In The Air
    • Aquagen ' Hard To Say I'm Sorry
    • Zivago ' La Musique D'Autres Temps (I Like Chopin)
    • Dub-J ' Words
    • Alex Coon ' Close To You
    • Auria Pozzi ' Joe Le Taxi
    • Topmodelz ' Fly On The Wings Of Love
    • E.C.H.O. ' The Sound Of Silence
    • Groove Coverage ' God Is A Girl
    • DJ Miko ' What's Up
    • Phonkillaz ' She's Like The Wind

    Additional Details

    Label: Atlantis

    Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

    Run Time: 70 mins

    Release Date: 11/04/08

    UPC: 048984700523

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