Rob Ryndak - A Reason To Smile (CD)

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Rife with Ryndak's contagious grooves, catchy hooks and a refreshingly optimistic overall vibe, this CD exudes enough energy to amke you want to get up and dance to the music right on the spot. Or, if you prefer to sit, you might just find yourself making up your own words to the invitingi instrumental melodies presented here.

Track Listing

    • A Reason to Smilw
    • Lea's Joy
    • Jadey
    • The Gift of Courage
    • Larimar
    • Blues for Emily
    • E.R.
    • Clare's Arrival
    • Just Live
    • Paradoxes

    Additional Details

    Label: Pacific Coast Jazz

    Genre: Jazz

    Release Date: 09/18/07

    UPC: 829166721006

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