Rotborn - On the Perspective of An Imminent Downfall (CD)


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Release Date: 09/09/22

Brazilian Death grind for fans of Napalm Death, Brujeria, and Lock Up

No Clean Singing wrote, 'This album features monster gutturals, maniacal drumwork, gut-slugging basslines, and riffs that are both brazen and delirious. The music is fast, comes for your throat with no holds barred, and is over almost before you know it. It’s an electrifying rampage, and is likely to leave you hungry for what comes next.' Metal review site, Dark Souls United, said, 'On the Perspective of an Imminent Downfall is the best debut album of the year so far, hands down. If the band follows in these steps, soon, they will be a name to be reckoned of. Metal Epidemic added, 'On the Perspective of an Imminent Downfall is an exercise in noise and fury. There is absolutely no let-up from the frenzy. This is violence music at its most primal, conjuring up images of two ancient armies with handheld weaponry charging towards each other and the crunch, clash and clatter as they meet in the middle of some far-flung field, vision then obscured by the crush of bodies, as well as blood and viscera.'

Label: Redefining Darkness
Genre: Metal
Run Time: 40 mins

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