Rotten Casket - First Nail In The Casket (CD)


$ 13.99


Release Date: 05/06/22

Brutal old school death metal with members from Asphyx, Sodom and Disabuse

After a long time in peace and silence the death metal collective is lifting the coffin lid and crawls back onto this planet to shed earthy rotten tunes onto mankind. Rotten Casket are sending out the EP 'First Nail In The Casket' as a harbinger for their first full-length album. Old school Death Metal with adept songwriting and a good portion of impetuosity create a landslide that is hard to resist.

With two members from the mighty Asphyx, Martin van Drunen with his relentlessly brutal Vocals and Stefan 'Husky' Hüskens with his very typical drumming, Yorck Segatz from legendary Sodom shredding the HM2 tunes out of the guitar, Patrick van der Beek from Disabuse/Born Infected giving the low tunes on bass and the remaining original member Frank Bergesson on guitar the funeral squad is back on track again.

The first nail in the casket will not be the last!

Label: Supreme Chaos Record
Genre: Metal
Language: English
Run Time: 18:28 mins

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