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Secret File: Hollywood (DVD)


Secret File: Hollywood (DVD)

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Release Date: 11/10/09

Daringly takes you behind the studio gates!

Maxwell Carter, an unemployed private detective accepts an offer from Nan Torr to work as a candid photographer for the scandal magazine, Secret File: Hollywood. His first assignment is to take compromising pictures of director James Cameron with starlet Gay Shelton. Nan and her co-worker, Hap Grogan, blackmail Cameron and then publish the pictures anyway. The scandal causes Cameron's wife to commit suicide. Gay is cleared of complicity in the blackmail scheme, and she joins Carter, who is now working with the police, in trying to uncover the identity of the 'Mr. Big' of the exposé racket. One of the campiest films ever made!

Genre: Cult
Run Time: 85 mins

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